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Friday, January 8, 2016

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Are you ready to buy a gifts for your loved one? Well, if not I can recommend you something that is easy to buy in one of the store in online. You can select a gifts that is affordable for you to have it. One of their product that I like is billy duffy.  I though this is perfect to give to someone else who love music while playing a guitars. If interested, feel free to click the link that I provided in my post. Thank you!

Welcome 2016...Good Bye Bad Luck :)

Last year is not a good year for me, so of course I won't miss it. I am very happy to Welcome year 2016 and hoping this year would be my luck, fruitful and productive year.  

Definitely don't want my plans to be failed this year whatever it is. If it's failed, once is enough. But too many failures that would be unacceptable for me.;)  I know there are a lot of things that could be happen in my way, but hopefully it won't destroy my plans specially my health. 

Being healthy always together with my loving family, peace and unity around the world is my fervent prayer this year.

Personalized Glasses @

Sunday, November 1, 2015

 I knew a lot of people drinking Margarita.  But for me, it's not my type. Just to be honest, I never drink Margarita, wine or that has alcohol. I only drunk water or no alcohol on it.

Anyway, If you are a drinker of Margarita or have own a restaurant, it would be nice to have your own personalized glasses.  You can Visit for margarita glasses that are personalized
and other amazing services that they are offered.   Their company has been the best source for custom engraved and screen printed glassware, comprised of a talented and dedicated staff who produce all of their customized products in-house. They enjoyed what they do, and are pleased to provide you with distinctive and unique designs for your custom glassware needs. They accredit complete flexibility in their designs, so give their business a try while offers last!  You can call at Customer Service 775.737.4118

Happy Halloween 2015!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hope everyone have a great plans for this 2015 Halloween. For me, I'm gonna be a busy Mama later on preparing for my Son's School Halloween Parade and of course for the TrickOrTreats tomorrow nights.:)

My kids are so anxious for the Trick or Treats tomorrow nights.  Their Dad gonna take them out for a TrickOrTreats in couple blocks away from our house.  And I will be a giver of chocolates for the Treaters knocking in our door lol! Ughh! there's gonna be a lot of Treaters, lol! But it's really fun to see them wearing different style and designs of beautiful costumes.

I can't wait for it! See more updates later......


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