Major at home and abroad posted the statement on On the yeezy boost shoes

Sports shoes industry is always at a time a pair of yeezy 350 boost shoes to be mad hot speculation, such as Adidas and Raf Simons cooperation models, Nike’s Air Jordan 10, the latter in the secondary market prices for several consecutive quarters in the first , Under Armor’s Curry One MVP has also entered the top ten most valuable footwear report, it is because the signing of the NBA star Stephen Curry was just the most valuable player in the regular season (MVP).

The value of sports shoes this moment when it is the same as all consumer goods. Unless it is Jordan XX years through a pair of yeezy 350 boost shoes, and wearing this pair of shoes won the XX award, then the value of this pair of shoes may be in the timeline can be retained longer validity.

And why yeezy 350 boost shoes can be mad to grab this, “odd goods can be home,” the word used here is almost appropriate. Of course, the influence of Kay’s own can not be underestimated – the fans are the best money earned, 120 dollars a white T-shirt are willing to buy, to sell a pair of really looks pretty good shoes do not What is difficult.

About this pair of yeezy 350 boost shoes, we collected some of the argument

Chinese forum, paste it, microblogging on the argument is this:

◆ There will soon be a large group of pseudo-tide line up to buy Yeezy Boost, but this pair of eye-catching $ 350 sports shoes looks absolutely not a gimmick. (This is a blog to see the show)

◆ 2000 dollars of things momentum does not lose other fashion big thousands or even tens of thousands of shoes, can not fire?

◆ personal view, this pair of shoes offer 1699, relative to the Y3 series YOHJI BOOST, cost is still high, but if the future premium, then there is no price at all, and that time, buy yeezy! Not shoes! (The first batch of shoes to buy the user evaluation)

◆ a lot of people do not look at the sale price, I would like to say yeezy who will care about work, personally feel that look is not ugly, may be because the individual is the relationship between kanye fans, please do not because this Tucao, then nike Yeezy how many people because the market price is too high to give up, how many people because the price of the beginning of speculation is not high but did not start and regret, I was one of them. (True fans)

◆ 2000 fried to 12000, can not imagine.

◆ this style, if not joint, it will 400’s life, if I can buy, give me grandpa morning to play tai chi wear. (Tangled prices of netizens ah, they also became part of the speculation)

◆ people Li Chen received, microblogging following a Wu Yifan with the paragraph.

◆ uppers like pickles !!!!! (This is a lovely tiger rush friends)

◆ more like roshe run, details and outer packaging and 750 is really lazy (Packaging is also a lot of criticism)

◆ just when the clamor said like roshe run, this do not know better than roshe run where to go, the earthquake is also a strong ten thousand times. (Even if the end of the cow and Nike cooperation, but this time or Nike is concerned about the relationship)

Instagram, Twitter and other foreign social network is like this:

◆ 2 o’clock in the morning when the study, I was able to find online to buy YEEZY BOOST to my brother birthday gift. Sigh # brother useful

◆ light listen to moonrock this name let me want to come again 2000000 pairs.

◆ I have gone so far, the credit card information are entered, but let me pay, it is too much.

◆ Dear Santa Claus, can I get a pair of yeezy boost 350 shoes? What color is OK, I promise you I’ll be a good boy. Your boy, anti.

◆ in order to engage in double yeezy boost 350 I can die, I will be. The carry on. The The Try out. The

(Foreign users are a pair of YEEZY diehard look)


In any case also around the unforgettable, and his wife Kardashian

Fans of the best money earned, not to mention there is often an entertainment headlines of the wife, a public appearance of the excellent sister-in-law, as well as a big wave of friends to help out the stars, so that the exposure of these shoes in the sale before the continuous.

Dazzled, you wanna have one pair of these yeezys?

Shoes culture swept the world, but whether it is Nike or adidas or other sports brand, the official produced either “cup”, or is too “explosive” or fake too much, resulting in “street shoes”, and therefore strong Of the “custom” market is gradually flourishing, where the customization is not fake business in the foolish of Kazakhstan, but really through the authentic shoes to give their own unique concept!

So far, YEEZY BOOST series of shoes can be described as the world’s hottest “street shoes” one, walking in the street, everywhere “YEEZY”, some do not want to hit the shoes to find custom players to create their own exclusive color, many of them wonderful , Now, give you the emergence of those who have customated YEEZY BOOST 350 V2, if you have ideas, may wish to try their own, if not the hands of the ability, you can find the domestic custom division Oh! 

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