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Sunday, November 1, 2015

 I knew a lot of people drinking Margarita.  But for me, it's not my type. Just to be honest, I never drink Margarita, wine or that has alcohol. I only drunk water or no alcohol on it.

Anyway, If you are a drinker of Margarita or have own a restaurant, it would be nice to have your own personalized glasses.  You can Visit for margarita glasses that are personalized
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Happy Halloween 2015!!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Hope everyone have a great plans for this 2015 Halloween. For me, I'm gonna be a busy Mama later on preparing for my Son's School Halloween Parade and of course for the TrickOrTreats tomorrow nights.:)

My kids are so anxious for the Trick or Treats tomorrow nights.  Their Dad gonna take them out for a TrickOrTreats in couple blocks away from our house.  And I will be a giver of chocolates for the Treaters knocking in our door lol! Ughh! there's gonna be a lot of Treaters, lol! But it's really fun to see them wearing different style and designs of beautiful costumes.

I can't wait for it! See more updates later......


Preparing Yourself for Upgrading Your House or Business

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Remodeling your home or business is a significant undertaking. It can take months of research to ensure that everything you have in mind will go well and that you will stay on task and budget. When you want to gather as much information as possible before the work gets, you may look to the Internet to help you out with your fact gathering. You can get more information here about hiring contractors, taking bids, and checking out all of the different remodeling options available to you by using the Internet for this purpose. Once you have the bids, contractor names, and other important details, you can begin to organize how you want the work to be carried out in your home or business.

Many people today want their renovations to be carried out in as environmentally friendly ways as possible. You may not want your home or business to become a detriment to the environment around you. Using the green remodeling tab found online, you can check out to see what contractors in your area specialize in green remodeling methods. You can vet bids from these individuals and decide which one to hire to redo your home or business.

You also may want to hire contractors who specialize in redoing exteriors of buildings or adding special additions like balconies and screened in porches. Some remodeling companies specialize in carrying out outdoor work only while others can work both inside and outside a building. Using the website, you can click on the tab for exterior work and choose the projects that you have in mind for your home or office. You can then put in your address, name, and other information and start vetting bids from local contractors.

You also may need work done inside your house or your commercial building. Projects like hanging drywall, laying carpeting, painting ceilings, and more should be carried out by contractors who are skilled in interior work. You can use the interior remodeling tab to find contractors in your city and state who offer competitive pricing for these tasks. You can then decide which one to hire based on the pricing and the availability of the area contractors. Using the Internet to research what you need to know before remodeling can help you prepare your staff, household, and your budget. You can also research green remodeling options, g
et more information here.

Busy Weekend doing some of our Project at Home!

Last year our fence in the backyard was broken because the huge Pine Tree from our neighbor fell off and broke our fences, kids playground and some of our tools. Now we are in the middle of finishing the fence, finally!

After that, we have to continue remodeling our bathroom in our house.  It's been a half year already since hubby tore our bathroom, so we can't wait to finish it. Fixing the fence is our first priory for now as we have kids playing in our backyard always!

We have a ton of projects going on in our house right now, but we have to do it slowly.  It will be faster for sure if we hire someone to do it as hubby had a lil time only because he's working fulltime, but don't want to hire anyone. Hubby will prefer to do it by himself as he knew the job and we can do whatever styles or designs we want.:)

 I know it's gonna be a long wait to finish those jobs.  We just have to be patience :P

Hope everyone have a great relaxing weekend.:)

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