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Friday, March 6, 2015

I believed our life was made in a very simple way. But we, as a people only who made our life to be complicated. Of course, it's just because of our different dreams, goals to achieve and to live happy in the future. :)

Doesn't Need to Look Something Fancy In Order Our Life to be Enjoyed :)

If you can't afford, then live your life with in your means.  It's not worthy to pipe dream when you can't reach it. Just stay simple, and keep being busy.  Do what you can do and mind your owned business. That makes your feel so delighted and most enjoyable life you ever had. :)

Looking Forward to Visit in San Bernardino City and Stay in Their Beautiful Hotels!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Valentine's Day is just a few days to go for everyone to celebrate.  Don't think you can't do something during that day because you don't have girl friend or a boy friend. This specially Day intended for all of us, remember that. :) So feel free to act whatever you wanted to do on that day!

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Sad to hear about this Mom died after giving Birth to Quadruplets

Monday, January 19, 2015

PHOENIX -- A woman died hours after giving birth to quadruplets at a Phoenix hospital, a close friend of the family said Saturday.
Erica Morales, 36, never got to hold her newborns before she passed away early Friday morning after a C-section surgery at Banner Good Samaritan Medical Center, Nicole Todman said.
Erica Morales, seen in an undated photo, died on Friday, Jan. 16, 2015, in Phoenix, Arizona, hours after giving birth to quadruplets.
Nicole Todman/GoFundMe
"They were transporting her from the surgery to whatever room, and she was still unconscious at that point. So, no, she never got to see them," Todman said.
Morales was about seven months into her pregnancy when she delivered three girls and one boy Thursday, according to Todman. She has been one of the few able to visit the premature newborns and said they are doing well.
"They're beautiful," Todman said. "They have tubes in their mouths and their noses. They've got little monitors and wires all over their body."
The infants will likely remain hospitalized for the next two months while doctors help them to get stronger and each reach a goal weight of five pounds, Todman said. Currently, they all weigh between just above two pounds to just above three pounds, she said.
Morales was initially hospitalized for high blood pressure. Complications ensued before Morales was taken into surgery, Todman said. She does not know what led to her passing.
"I don't even care to know," Todman said. "It doesn't matter why. She's still gone."
Hospital spokeswoman Toni Eberhardt declined comment Saturday, but she released a statement from the hospital: "Our heartfelt thoughts and condolences are with the family during this very difficult time."
Morales, a real estate agent, and her husband, Carlos, who works in manufacturing, had been trying to conceive a baby for two years, Todman said. She said Morales tried everything from acupuncture to fertility treatments. Morales suffered a miscarriage before becoming pregnant last June.
Todman, who has been best friends with Morales since childhood, said Morales was more nervous about being a new mother than raising four children at once. Because of her previous miscarriage, Morales was apprehensive about getting too excited about the babies' arrival. She mainly focused on doing things correctly throughout her pregnancy such as eating enough, Todman said.
"Her focus of her pregnancy was to make sure she did everything to make sure they were healthy so she was able to bring them into this world -- and she did," Todman said.
On Friday, Todman started a GoFundMe fundraising website for Carlos Morales and the infants on Friday. The site had received more than $30,000 in donations as of Saturday evening.
"I'm so grateful for the overwhelming support and the wonderful comments, and so are Carlos and Sandra, Erica's mother. They are so entirely grateful," Todman said. Sources....

It's true that giving Birth is not easy. It plays our whole life. Good and bad news are waiting there for you..if you know what i mean. When I gave birth to my second baby, it is not easy compared to my first baby. I thought I passed away for how many seconds or minutes because of the Epidural didn't work to my body or whatever that medicine they injected in me.  Very scary experienced I ever had during my labor, to make my story short. 

But now, very delighted to see our kiddies after those labor sufferings. :)

Being not able to see your baby after giving birth is unimaginable. I felt so pity to her baby. I hope they are all okay soon.  My condolences goes to the victims family.  May her soul rest in peace!

What exactly is unexplained Infertility?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

 Unexplained infertility can be very distressing for couples trying to conceive. We know there are several factors affecting fertility such as age, environment, emotions, lifestyle and food choices. However, when we are unable to get pregnant for quite a long time, we go to the doctors for help to pinpoint what could be the real cause as to why we’re unable to conceive. It is considered unexplained infertility when, even your doctor, cannot really pinpoint or provide a clear answer as to why you’re having difficulty getting pregnant. If you and your partner are experiencing unexplained infertility, don’t lose hope. According to www.diaperchamp.com, there are studies that show that 1 out of 3 couples were able to get pregnant in the first 3 years of experiencing unexplained fertility. This will require patience; you just have to hold on and not give up. There are also other options available just like IVF or in-vitro fertilization for those couples who are not willing to wait that long. Have an appointment with your physician so you can sort your options.

I believed seeing the Doctor and talk about those issues will feel us relieve and comfy.  To Mommies out there, don't lost hope, just focus your goal to conceive and live happy ever after.

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