Sound that you Love to Hear!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

When you lived in the mountains, what you hear is mostly the sounds of a birds and other animals. While when you lived in the Cities, you hear different sounds of music, cars and etc. Do you happen to miss to hear the sound of any musical instruments? I missed the sound of Saxophone.  I wish I could buy now and make a fun with my kiddies.:)

I am Looking Forward of Practice Driving for Tomorrow!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I haven't been practiced drive for 2 Sundays, and it made me shocked because I forgot how to run my car already, terrible! 

Here's my short funny story.:)

Last weekend hubby and I were so busy loading our garbage and throw them in a dump site.  I helped getting out the garbage from our trailer to make us faster to get out from the stinky site.  My husband asked me if i can move the car a lil bit so he can move out and the garbage will flow to the ground by itself.

I can't believe of what i did. I on the car, pressed the gas, and wondering why the car won't run. I was thinking, is there a GOSH here! haha! and in a minute my husband yelled at me. He said: "Hey what are you doing? I said I ON the car. and he said you're pressing the gas too much! and i said huh? i pressed it so the car will run. lol! I Paused a lil bit and thinking what the heck is the problem of this car why it won't run! and then when i looked down around the steering wheel, oh my! i found out that i didn't set into drive. And that's the reason why my car didn't run.  My so damn brain forgot what the first steps to do when driving, haha!

Lesson to learn: 

For me, as a first timer driver, I learned that we need to do a list. A lists of what to do first when practicing our driving.  We know that we are not perfect, we can make a mistakes that can leads us into danger.  Driving is not a game. So to avoid the bad things happen, make our own ways or use our initiative. Don't feel tired even you are. lol!

Also, don't stop your practicing because i thought that makes us to forget what we have had learned before. For me, it's better to practice everyday even like 2 hrs per day if you can, than nothing. Remember constant practice makes us perfect, so just continue.  I'm looking forward to my practice tomorrow.:) I hope i won't forget anything, ugh!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Try this Blue Voodoo!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

If you are a Music lover, you probably know what is blue voodoo. I read some buyers reviews that this item is really amazing. They said, it has an excellent tone for both clean and dirty sounds, and it is extremely loud. For sure, if you are a music rock stars you don't wanna miss this.:) 

This is your opportunity to buy now while the product last and the price is ok. Enjoy shopping!


Is Driving Easy for You?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

As first timer, the answer is absolutely NO! 

I mean a job itself is very easy because you're just steering the wheels, press the gas and break, that's it! However, you really need to be present of your mind always for all the critical things to happen while driving. And for me that's very hard to do. I used to be as a passenger only for a long time, meaning i just rode a cars or bus and nothing to focus on. Just looking or turning my head around to see something that is interesting in the environment. Now that I driving, I don't know when my mind going to be set with this kind of things that needs focusing.  But i'll try my best as i could. Otherwise being not present of my mind while driving would be a cause of my age cut early,  No Kidding!!

Within a total of 16 hours of driving according to my hubby, I'm doing pretty good of steering wheels. But my concentration is still far from the truth lol! I really need to work hard for that.  Constant practice makes us perfect, so goal! i won't stop lol! 

See you my next update.........


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