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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello folks! Thank you for your visit here in my site. As you noticed, I don't have an updates.  I feel sorry for it :( To many things that I've been taking cared off, one of course is my family and in online businesses in order for me to earn some as the blogging world is too slow right now.

So far I enjoyed working with my newly found online paid site.  If you wonder what's it all about, message me privately or leave a comment here and i will explain it to you.  No forcing if you don't like though lol!

But if you are a serious person who are looking to earn some thing which is legit, then ask me a help, I'm here willing to help you :)

I have been on the site for less than a Month and so far I earned good.  Although it won't makes me rich quick, lol! but at least I can buy whatever I want without using my Hubby's money, you know...:)

Each one of us has our owned way to find $$$.  Being a stay-at-home, we can earn even we don't have our regular work of 8 hours a day. All we need is a GUTS and willing to learn every single day.  so who's with me? :)

Join my journey folks and happy earning! :)


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

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Happy Weekend!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

image by google
I just done eating my late dinner tonight.  Now can't sleep because I'm still so full with my yummy Barbecue wrapped hot dog, chicken wings and grilled asparagus and other foods:)

Anyway, Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend. See you tomorrow! Good night don't let the big bug bite lol!

Yay, Spring is Here!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

walking at neighboring streets with my kiddies.:) photo by:

The weather here in Salinas is getting warmer and warmer now. As you can see the photo above, the sky is so clear and sunny, loved it!

I took this picture when my daughter and I went out to Post Office to mail something and after that we roaming around in our neighbor streets before we heading home. We walked almost 3 hours today which is really great exercised to burn my calories lol!  I will do this more often since the weather is really incredibly warm now, plus lots of beautiful flowers or fruits on the houses or streets blooming.  The parks, farm and other business started to look awesome because they maintain the cleanliness so on and so forth.   I really loved to go out every day.

Now my kids can do a lot of things outside and do something else. It's our time for sure to do outdoor activities as well, like camping, biking,picnicking or whatever it is with family, relatives or friends - to be happy along with the sunny or a warm day.:)

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