Done Decorating For Christmas! :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Finally, our Christmas tree is up now. We totally ready to celebrate the Christmas.:)
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This year, decorating our Christmas tree has been so easy for me because we didn't use live tree, we used artificial now. I like it because it's every  strong compared to the live one.  Easy to put/hang all my  Christmas decorations hehe!  However, I miss the fresh smell of the live tree lol! We used live Christmas tree every year with in 5 years, using this artificial tree is our first time but we're delighted to have it. Thanks to my Mother-in-law hehe!

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Had Fun with My Monkey Businesses in Online :)

Friday, October 24, 2014

I had so much fun today doing my household chores: cooking my so yummy binignit, and taking care of my monkey business in online and others!

I can focus my online things  when hubby is here.  He brought the kids to the living room and played their games and watched movie. While myself having fun in online lol!  Early this morning i got sold one item that i sell and shipped them immediately. Then my other monkey business showed something that I'm gonna get paid soon, yay! Worth of waiting.  I believed everything is just need to be waited or patience. 

I've been posted as well some of my stuff here that needs to be gone.  Closet almost clear now and ready for winter stuffs lol! My day won't be completed with out the output that i've done. :)

It's always a good feeling when everything that you tried work successfully.  Though there's a glitches but everything is fixable, possible.  All we need is to have faith and follow your guts! Remember no guts no glory, hehe!

Enjoy Shopping the Music Intrument you Like!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's weekend! I wanna say happy weekend to everyone wherever you are now. I know each of us has different fun do to when it's weekend in order to be enjoyed. Some people just love to stay home and play their music. That's what my husband do when it's his free time, playing his guitars. He is a music lover and a guitar's collector.:) 

Do you like to play or collect a guitars too? Well, act and order now. Seems it's a perfect time to get your guitar you like since the prices reduced and you can get for October coupons which is good because you can save money.

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